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Kim Hyun Joong Profile, Foto and Wallpaper

Kim Hyun Joong.. As with the other idols, Kim Hyun Joong had a lot of trouble before his name known. But the trouble is now paid off with high popularity and money is plentiful. Successful idol in acting and music have unpleasant experience during a trainee, he cheated, was expelled from the house to a lack of money to take the train and eat. How to start a successful star order, see story below.

Exemplary Students

Hyun Joong born in Seoul, on June 6, 1986. His mother, Jung Yun Mi never dreamed when pregnant Hyun Joong. "There was a big truck and filled with turnip, radish and then I see one that is unique and beautiful at the very top. I tried hard to take it but turnip rapeseed was too big and I fell. Then the place where I was sitting it was fed by clean water, "said Hyun Joong's mother.

Hyun Joong minor annoyance much preferred neighbor saw her big eyes, sharp intuition and cleverness. Hyun Joong started to learn to walk at the age of 9 months.

"On his first birthday, he took an eraser, a pencil and a book, so we hope he will become a scholar. And also because of her big, lovely, people call him 'Morning Star', obviously the mother.

Since the parents were married to Hyun Joong large, their families live close by SongpaGu Olympic Park. Each end of the week, a lot of singers who performed there. When she takes the Hyun Joong and brother to the park, Hyun Joong is often lost. But most surprisingly, he always found around the stage where singers perform.

Hyun Joong was just an ordinary student, never been seriously ill, and a child who never disappoint their parents. In fact he had been appointed the head of the class during elementary school. Her goal is to graduate as a child, according to the expectations of his parents later. "When I first saw the aircraft and the like, I think to make it. I want to be a scholar to create robots as we see in the comics and movies, "said Hyun Joong.

Not Popular in School

Kim Hyun Joong is famous for its image of a handsome prince Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers and makes women crazy with his face and his calm, turns an ordinary student and popular among female school friend. Contrary to his role in the series that bears his name.

"Usually an artist has a long queue in front of his home fans as he schools. Maybe it's because I wear glasses since second grade elementary school, or I'm not attractive in the eyes of her friends, "said Hyun Joong.

Changed Mind, Want So Soccer Players

When sitting in 4th grade, Hyun Joong started thinking evolved, he became the first igin scholar suddenly changed his mind wanted to be a football player. Desires of course rejected by parents, especially the father.

"All the teachers at the school said she was a smart student, he can pass to the University of Seoul (one of the best universities in Korea). As parents, we hope he can go to school instead of plunging into the world of sport or entertainment, his father did not allow him to be a football player. "

Hyun Joong who tends to quiet, began to show his talent when SMP. Hyun Joong also began to dare to oppose the will of his parents who wanted him to continue studying. He started to become fans of the famous singer Seo Tai Ji since joined his father to the record store, his father bought the album the first time when Tai Ji Hyun Joong was in elementary school.

"I still have the album I bought Seo Tai Ji that time. Especially after hearing the song It's Ultraman in 2000 and started to like the genre of heavy metal music, "he said.

Hyun Joong then saving up to 70 thousand won to buy a guitar in grade 1 junior. The money was acquired with part-time work. After buying the guitar, Hyun Joong started to neglect school and learn the guitar. He learned to play the guitar can hold up to 10 hours per day.

Hyun Joong then formed a band called AXERS with 5 friends. They often perform at school events. Seo Tai Ji admiration never change, when the singer released the album only sold a limited edition that is only available 10 Thousand coffee, Hyun Joong to order it to a few places.

Quit School and Fleeing From Home

When Junior, Hyun Joong pass auditions in an entertainment agency, but he did not tell his parents. Because the agency requires parental permission for underage trainees, so inevitably Hyun Joong said, and as expected, the mother is not allowed. But Hyun Joong insist on continuing training and often do not attend school. Finally, he does not meet the following absences in the semester and the school contacted their parents and forced to say that Hyun Joong was dismissed from the school.

The father who angrily told Hyun Joong to find the money themselves. "From now on you own money to support yourself." He had run away from home. Hyun Joong who usually obey the words of the old man, ran away from home after seeing his father destroying his guitar. Five days later he returned home and worked part-time. He worked at a chicken shop every afternoon, T Family Restaurant.

Hyun Joong's mother was sad because his son now has to work. "Because of the economic crisis, our business was affected. We started in the fashion business Dongdamun and worked until 11 o'clock at night. After finishing work, I frequent the restaurant where my son works and silently watch about 1 hour old. Around one night, he came home. My heart ached to see, but never show him. I always turn off the lights when he comes home, and pretended to be asleep. "

Hyun Joong long regretted dropping out of school. His mother moved the other schools and in the following year he started school again.

In the middle of difficulty he suffered, Hyun Joong still watching other family members. When his brother who studied in the United States decided to drop out due to lack of fees, Hyun Joong told his sister, "Sis, please read this book" and give gifts to her sister's novel. His brother discovered a check for 300 Million Won hidden in the book. Not occurred thoughts from other family members that when a trainee, he was able to save that much money.

Debut Fails and Often Eat Without Pay

Joong who quit school because he wanted to be a singer experienced hard times before debut. He followed a manager wherever he went, and every day undergo weight training as one of the personnel of the boyband group consisting of 5 people.

"Everything felt heavy and confusing to me that usually the band and suddenly have to practice dance. But because of a strong desire to be a singer, I can deal with everything, "said Hyun Joong.

The desire to learn to sing and dance slowly grew after Hyun Joong entering the training. He eventually often skipped school and asked his parents to quit school despite opposition.

Hyun Joong financial trouble because his family stopped giving him money after quitting school. He so often fled when paying rail as always ride free. He also never ate in the tavern dukbokki and fled without paying because it is very hungry.

"I want to apologize on Metro trains and tavern owners. Tragic as the time, but I had to endure for the sake of pride, "said Hyun Joong about his past. Can not be imagined, the young man who used to ride and eat free, now has become big star. But Hyun Joong once again have to face the ordeal because egensi entertainment practice has a problem where he and his group had disbanded.

The second opportunity came when he worked part-time in restaurants, at that time he supervised agents who want to form an entertainment company hallyu group. However, again he failed.

"When I joined the company it was (a long time), I felt something was wrong. We practice hard and they said we will debut in China and give us 5 Million Won. Upon investigation it turns out this is a fake. If we get 5 Million Won it, we would be sent to China, "said Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong gets another chance. He auditioned based on information from the sister of a friend's sister. The person in question is a personnel SS501's Park Jung Min while the company is holding auditions DSP Entertainment.

After passing the audition, he joined Kim Hyung Joon and Park Jung Min who was selected first. After Hyun Joong entry, also elected Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng.

Debut Under DSP Guidance

The period of training in DSPE proved more difficult than the 2 previous company. He stayed in the hostel for almost one and a half years without a break. But Hyun Joong get through because this time she really wants to fulfill his dream. Instant noodles and kimbab as their food during training, irreplaceable when it started as a group of boyband SS501 debuted in 2005 with the song Warning.

SS501 released his first album next year, they are known as a group of 'pretty boy' and they gained a lot of female fans. And in 2007 the management decided to debut in Japan.

"It was the toughest. Our popularity is growing and I am concerned whether the fans will continue to wait if we go to Japan?, "He said.

SS501 lived in Japan about 1 year and was ranked 10 on the Oricon charts, was awarded the Best Newcomer and other achievements in Japan. SS501 returned to Korea with their single Dejavu in 2008, but it was too successful. Hyun Joong then accept the reality show We Got Married, he was paired with a solo singer Hwang Bo.

Makin Rising Thanks to Boys Before Flowers

We Got Married popularity raised the name of SS501 and Hyun Joong. Afterwards, offer to play serial Boys Before Flowers come.

The offer came when SS501 was active in Japan around May 2008, he knew it when he saw serial casting news. This series began filming immediately when SS501 album will be released, and he felt uncomfortable with the situation.

Since Hyun Joong decided to try acting challenge in Boys Before Flowers, SS501 inevitably postpone new album release schedule and start their solo activities. But the choice of Hyun Joong and SS501 management is not wrong, because the name is more known for Joong Hyun Ji Hoo who portrays the character.

Popularity of Boys Before Flowers helped boost the name of SS501, Hyun Joong group where the leader. While group activities temporarily halted when Hyun Joong was busy filming and promo series, he said he was happy to see all the personnel got good results in several fields such as acting, musical and singing.

Success Boys Before Flowers Hyun Joong was awarded the contract to deliver a number of commercials, among personnel F4, he is the best-selling finished commercials. Ranging from clothing products, mobile phones, make-up, until the fried chicken ad disabetnya. But he did not forget the group that has made his name, proved after the activity stopped completely Boys Over Flowers, Hyun Joong immediately started its activities with SS501 including touring Asia some time ago.

Want to Marry Before Age 30 Years

In choosing a partner, Hyun Joong would not mind if the older partner. He put of chemistry that is created with a partner. "A woman who can take a joke like a friend. It does not matter if he is older than me. I want to get married before my age of 30 years. I also want to have 4 children and live well, "said Hyun Joong about the type of ideal woman and the family had hoped later.

Meanwhile, plans for the future, he wants to hold a peace concert. "I would like SS501 more popular in Asia and around the world. I want to perform in front of 50,000 people at a large scale concert, gathering fans from various countries, in front of the people who want peace, "he said.

Desire Hyun Joong to perform in a large-scale concert reached when SS501 held a concert tour titled Persona held in several major cities in Asia

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